Who From Tuvalu?

I walk into the fishtank for the evening shift, and the joint is completely empty. The lone person surfing the internets is my Dutch Fishtank supervisor colleague. The conversation went something like this:

BM: (shocked) What's going on?
Dutch Fishtank Supervisor: (calmly) The Germans are coming.
They're going to occupy this place around 19h40... again.
BM: (looking at the time) Holy shit.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: The US Refuses to Participate in Talks About the Kyoto Protocol. Yeah I know… old news. But it still baffles me. I listened this week to a representative from the Island of Tuvalu talk about the importance of taking action to slow global climate change and global warming.

Tuvalu. I can’t stop thinking about Tuvalu. In 2001 the government of Tuvalu announced they would have to begin evacuating the population to other countries because of rising sea levels. In so many words, Tuvalu won’t exist in a few decades. Rising oceans. A country won’t exist anymore. How the hell do you face these people if you’re the leader of a wealthy country that refuses to take some really basic steps so that maybe more islands won’t be submerged in the near future?

I guess that’s why they don’t even want to show up to talk – they don’t have the nerve. If I ever meet a Tuvaluian, I’m just gonna give him/her a big hug and a solemn look and say, on behalf of the rich part of the planet, I’m sorry my fellow human. I can’t explain these fucks, and I promise I didn’t vote for them. If I were a real do-gooder, I’d write to the government and offer to shelter a few at the bicyclemark ranch. But alas, I’m not a do-gooder, I’m a lazy blogger.

But wait, I won’t let you go today with out an excellent lightbulb joke that the Verbal Chameleon posted.

And everybody’s wondering “Was he or wasn’t he poisoned?” I still won’t believe it, somethings fishy and it ain’t my fridge (for once).

Today’s Sounds: Morcheeba – (Something the guy I’m renting from left)