Tribute to a lady

I’m jetlagged, but it doesn’t stop me from thinking of my baby… Ms.Thingk, who today left Amsterdam forever. In doing so, she leaves my daily life. No more wrapping at my chamber door… so lightly tapping… NEVERMORE.

When we first met I was manning the bridge of the fishtank, keeping the universe safe for internauts. She saw me blogging? and I looked at her and was hypnotized. I bla-bla-bla’d about weblogs and my addiction to them, the whole time thinking ? dam this girl is fun. And by fun I mean hot. And funny. Which I combine into fun. So naturally I wanted to work her into the blog… and take her around my city. Hence the invention of “this ol park.”

But little did I know, the girl I once referred to as “Kirstin Dunst’s Twin” would become my left-hand woman. Together we’d invade neighborhoods, rock street markets, and cruise the parties. Bicyclemark rules of engagement usually disallow any closeness with international one-semester types, but this one was beyond my control… we were fast friends. And even though she’d usually turn her attention to some dude at the party, and I’d run off flirting with some yummy gal, she was still the reason for the season. She made student life fun again, even for a no-longer-student, fishtank supervisor like myself.

And so today I picture her on the flight back to Holland… Michigan, rather somber having just left her beloved ‘Dam, and I miss her already. I’m sure she’s striking up conversation with the mysterious long haired heart-throb type sitting next to her, and little does he know what a lucky guy he is… to ever get the chance to meet THE Ms. Thingk.

Tonight, during my first meal in the people’s republic of New Jersey, I shall raise my glass in tribute to my darling… and say thank you. Thanks for gracing the pages of my blog and the days of my life for the last 5 months. Amsterdam will miss you. The University will suck without you. And I will lose a bit of zing in my bike peddling

But hey, we’ll always have the blogosphere!