Recovery Through Highlights

Whoa Whoa… those are some bright lights. I know you wanna know how it all went down. You want to hear how the birthday debauchery unfolded. And I’ll tell you… but considering today is the “day-after,” no sudden movements, bright lights, or loud sounds please. Thanks — The management.

My birthday evening was both a pleasure and a blast. Even if those two things are kind of the same. A blend of good company, old friends and complete strangers-turned-friends over a glass of wine. Dining on the End of the World is always a pleasure, especially when it’s MY night. At one point, Ms_Think and I were waiting to pay Frank Zappa (the brotha in charge of food). He was doodling numbers on a tiny scrap of paper. In front of him, just next to the list of how many people are eating what, were two giant tobacco pouches. One was filled with tobacco, the other was filled with a different plant. Just as I was noticing this, he looks at us in defeat and says in Dutch: “Umm… maybe you could take a look at this and tell me if its right, because I’m in no condition to be handling numbers.” In that same transaction, moustache man starts hammering on the cash register, “Umm if you don’t mind, I can’t give you any change because I can’t get the machine opened.” We told him that was fine… and stoned Frank Zappa went over to try and help pry it open (unsuccessfully).

It was then time to head over to the Dec. 10th birthday party. Hosted by a lovely Swedish gal who was born on the same day around the same time in the same year as me. And so we co-celebrated, along with my favorite Bavarienne, another Dec. 10th person. Later some British guy named Guy walked in and turns out, it was his birfday too. Madness ensued.

While me and NoCommunicado spoke about how digital photos have reduced the value of a photograph. Just behind us, a wild German gal simulated sex on the dance floor with a gay Israeli. Huddled in another corner, Bearded G and other members of the bearded man club (im a member but I was busy) passed around the wacky tabacci and talked about nothing. As the night went on I kept falling in love with Swedish girls, reminding me of Jamie’s post about the girl on the subway.

There was a moment where I felt like I was in a teen-movie when some random student, staring into space, suddenly announced “OH yeeaaaa… it’s so simple. It’s so simple I should’ve known.” Wanting to see how far I could take this, I asked him what was so simple. He looked at me like I was invading his mental space, saying “Oh its just a mathematical proof that I just figured out.”

– I started looking around for cameras, to see if I wasn’t on the set of Revenge of the Nerds 2000. Any second the Alpha Beta’s would come and trash our party. I didn’t find cameras, but I did find THE TORONTONIENNE!

All in all, it was a successful Amsterdam birthday evening. The third I have celebrated in this town. Each one of them unique and memorable for their blend of kindness, madness, and style baby… style.

Photo’s of dinner and the party are both here and here.

PS- I had the bicyclemark team of lawyers work out the trademark disputes, and there are now new items in the souvenir shop.

Today’s Sounds: The Roots – Tipping Point (bday gift!)