My blog broke

Man… this bad boy’s been down all day long thanks to some bigtime changes with my server people on the left coast of the continental US. Matter of fact.. let me publish this and make sure the microphone is on…. I feel like christian slater in Pump up the Volume.. all I need is a Jeep Wrangler, and I’ll do the rest with Wi-Fi… just keep driving around University buildings.

Hot dam.. we’re back on the air, and just before the clock strikes midnight and my laptop turns into a pumpkin, and I leave behind a glass bicycle-tire with which the princess will run about Amsterdam looking for the bicycle-boy missing a glass tire.

Who’s blog wasn’t working much of the day. Who’s site traffic is setting records, even on days where it isn’t working properly. Who today pumped up his hosting plan from 1 American Buck a month to 4, getting him a whole lot more space and plenty of room for all them new readers that keep popping up! Welcome you new person reading this… fear not.. this is one of them “good hearted” blogs.

Lately on the communiqu? I’ve been doings lots of sentimental goodbyes. Maybe because lots of things are changing during this moment in world history. Often times the changes I’m seeing, I can’t even tell if they’re good or bad.. but change is change right?

Amsterdam’s Number One Jazz CLub…. my next door neighbor.. held its final show last night. Normally on Tuesday nights, I’ll pop in to the jamsession with my horn and I’ll sit in with the extremely judgmental and cold Conservatory Students. They know their shit, no doubt… but man.. they sure ain’t teachin social skills at that school. Is it an admission requirement that one be extremely removed and self-centered in order to study jazz? Is smiling and a warm handshake simply not allowed?… Nothing like E and my boys at Willy P, those were/are great men, though we had some real brilliant assholes as well.

How did I get here? Or yeah.. the Bimhuis has moved.. forever… to the shiny glass state-of-the-art no-personality water front. Hooray for the arts… hooray for jazz.. hooray for the yupification of the ‘Dam. I doubt I’ll ever really play open mics there. (never say never)

Speaking of changing and assholes, seems like a whole lot of them are leaving the Bush admin eh? Let me check my shitlist:

  • Powell
  • Ashcroft
  • Rummy
  • Ridgey
  • Condi
  • Wolfi

So far so good. Remind me to show you my international shit list.. it’s great!

Happy Birthday to Blueberry Girl… who left me in Amsterdam to go handle the world’s banking in Paris. City hasn’t been the same since.

Nine days to my own date of birth

Today’s Sounds: Broken Social Scene – Feel Good Lost