Chinese Bloggy Style

Today I spend some time helping a good citizen and a new friend, setup his baby blog.. not even one month old. He wants it primarily to write while he is off living in China. Obviously this is one of those cases where blogs are ideal, you want to let your loved ones know what’s up, you want to write your thoughts and observations of a far away place, and you’re up for sharing it with strangers who might bring their own experiences to the table. So I’ve got my champagne bottle in hand, ready to break it over the monitor, and two months before his journey begins, I baptize thee Marc&China blog. May she sail fast and far, weather the comment storms, and not be censored by the internet police.

Being a blogger of the people, it is part of my programming to spread the word, and help all beings get their own blog and go forth happily on their life’s journey. I also like to meet the chicks. I mean.. the wondrous ladies of the blogosphere.. even if they are really middle-aged men pretending.

That being said, there are no bloggers – female or male – who I worship, contrary to what it may seem. I admire everyone for different reasons. For instance, this week I’m laughing my ass off reading the Winter of Discontent’s interview series with the employee who doesn’t stop talking at the library, or the old navy ad. Brilliant abstract journalism right there.

So when I make my own award nominations, or I read about Raymi winning an Anna award, i think it’s nice. BUT THATS IT.. NICE. I don’t subscribe to the madness about who is the best blogger ever or any of that bullshit. It’s a matter of taste, different people appeal to you for different reasons. And everyone’s opinion matters and does not matter, just the same. What I would compliment Raymi on is how she seemed to condemn the idea of her winning the award… now that is cool. Someday I’ll condemn myself for winning something… cause I like modesty.

I thought I was going to end the blog, but Marty McFly is online, live from Sweden, and he’s a wordsmith and a half. Plus he’s shown me these great complaint letters from American companies to Swedish hackers, and the hilarious responses they write.

Mart says:It is the opinion of us and our lawyers 

that you are fucking morons, and that you should please
go sodomize yourself with retractable batons.

bicyclemark says:
thats high tech

Mart says:
i don't even know what a baton is
a fluffy lill animal???

bicyclemark says:
no no
its like what the police hit you with
bicyclemark says:
on friday nights

*And Happy Birthday to J and his Brain. Who has been with the blog since way back. And has been discussing things on the net with me since.. shit.. probably since ’00.

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