Blue or Orange

I thought of this blog during a few conversations in the past days, first: During the holiday meals with my cousins (both of which work in EU institutions), and then this morning with the return of Aim from her marathon 5 week work-tour of the left and right American coasts. There are those who’s presence make coming to work worth it, and amongst others, Aim does just that and more. As if her return and the good discussions that followed weren’t enough, she brought me more Tom’s of Maine Stuff and a Bryon Thomas CD.. both of which I’m liking very much.

The thing I wanted to blog about stems mostly from the situation in the Ukraine. Let me first be clear, I heart protest movements and civil disobedience, despite growing up in a generation of indifference, I’ve been lucky enough to march and sing in various countries for various causes, and yes – on occasion – get gassed. So naturally I’m enjoying the images and the spirit coming out of Kiev, we could definitely use more of it in the world, in the face of fraudulent democracy and pretend freedom.

But what gets me is that something like 50 percent of the voting public, in the Eastern Russian speaking side of the Ukraine supports the blue Victor (pardon the simplification, but I am a blogger after all), while the other pro-western side supports the orange Victor and is very visible in international media. So the elections were declared unfair by observers, clearly a cause for demonstration and a re-do. The problem I’m having is how this becomes popular culture, instead of what is supposed to be participatory democracy. Say the blue Victor wins in the re-do, will the orange folks who have been on the streets expressing their demands be able to accept this? Are they even interested in a fair election, or would they rather see their candidate win, above all? I’m being cynical of course, perhaps I should respectfully assume they only want a fair election, nothing more.

This goes beyond the Ukraine of course, makes me think of the value and the danger of capitalism mixed with democracy. Which led me to re-pick up my copy of the Federalist Papers, where Madison himself talked about this. (and George Gregoriou ingrained into my memory) In the end their problems are like so many other republics around the world, one side trying to gain the upper hand over the other. Powerful forces, not necessarily enlightened ones, doing what it takes to hold onto that power disregarding the spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding. And of course, crap choices that you choose to believe in come election time, cause hell – its the best you can do this time around. (and next time.. and so on.)

Oh.. Shirt-sleeves, aka the Anteater, sent me my first Birthday card today, from Rome! My old best bud from Lisbon… gotta get down to Italy and see him in 2005.

In the meantime I’m becoming a total Sabrina C. fan… girl got style and a half.

Today’s Sounds: Bryan Thomas – Babylon (just arrived from Upstate NY)