25 and still alive

The following is a very me-centered post, so new readers should be horrified at the shallowness.

Through careful ethnographic research I gathered the following information about myself at birth:

As far as I know, I was born on this day 25 years ago, at 15h EST, at some holy hospital in the Portuguese colony of the Ironbound, Newark.

I was a boy.

I was healthy except for the fact that I have two different ears. (one is pointy, the other is folded… just like A-Ren!)

My parents expected a girl, my name was to be “Tammy” which I suppose is short for Tamara. Just imagine visiting BicycleTammy.org to read my blog.

Big Daddy J, one of NJ’s finest delinquent bloggers, at the time 4 years old- was excited at the prospect of a playmate. He wanted my name to be Barney Rubble.. or Fred… something fintstonish.

I believe mine was the first birth that my father, also known as the king of portugal (in exile), actually witnessed first hand. After which he was so horrified he told my mom, no more children; he never wanted to see her go through that again.

They eventually named me bicycemark, in an elaborate ceremony written by Alex Haley, where my dad raised my naked baby-bum up to the heavens and shouted in Portuguese: “bicycle-mark… behold the only thing greater than yourself.” And of course this was Newark, so there was a lampost over us, and ever since I have a great respect for nudity under bright city lights.

Shortly after birth I started blogging. My parents were so proud. They bought a home-personal computer that took up the entire room. And well, for the sake of today’s post, the rest is history.

I meant to do lots of things with my birthday post, but instead I produced this digital poop-post. Should have made a list of what I have never done, like the world-reknown radiohumper. Ah well.

One of the coolest things about being me on this day is all the blog-comments and emails that I got today. What an honor to be honored in blog posts here, here, and who knows- maybe somewhere else. Did you see what my favorite blog mistress xtx’y wrote about moi!! *Blushin.* All I can say is, you guys rock the hiz-ous and meeting all of you thru this here bloggy was the best part of 24… that and the hookers.

Today’s Sounds: Mates of State – Team Boo (a couple from S.F.!)