Under the Influence

Can’t blog straight tonight. Tiring but pleasant weekend with the visiting Philladelphians. Tonight was coffeeshop night, and now we’re strewn about the room like dirty laundry, pondering the universe. I can hear them staring and giggling at the National Geographic channel, and I’ve been writing the same paragraph for the last 1/2 hour.

I have become a flickr user, and I do believe they’re a better photoblog than buzznet. (No offense buzz, you’ll always be my first) But considering the space limitations, I’ll be using them both for blog purposes.

Speaking of photoblogs, the Torontonienne’s is a fine one and always being updated. Where she and I have always debated the idea of her keeping a blog, she seems to have naturally fallen into the photoblogging habit.

Sunday’s are tough blog reading days… as are weekends in general since you all seem to be out and away from computers on weekends. (you’re so healthy)I have not yet thought up my weekend program to boost “ratings”, but some bloggers have started special editions: TheStateImIn has Drunk Saturday Nights, while Tony Pierce is doing Sex Saturdays, both of which I’m enjoying. I’m going to keep a look out for more of this series.

UPDATE ON PAUL RUBENS: After mentioning Peewee Yesterday, I just saw BEing Daddy’s mention that two new movies of his are coming out. That’s right, PAGING DOCTOR HERMAN< YOU HAVE A TELEPHONECALL AT THE FRONT DESK.

Today’s Sounds: Neutral Milk Hotel – Communist’s Daughter