Turkey Day Marathon

Round these parts Turkey Day doesn’t mean much, and I’m quite used to it. Hell, I’m a card carrying European, so this shit is normal for me. But alas, as my m?ezinha reminded me this afternoon, this holiday is part of my culture.

So on that note, I bring you – yet another list – stuff I praise the golden calf for bringing this earth:

    – A-Ren, my nephew celebrating his first gobble gobble.

    – Amsterdam, the city she loves me, celebrating our third bird together.

    – My family, in Portugal, Brussels, and especially Jersey, who called to say they miss me, and the entire office knew it was a mom conversation even though they couldn’t understand the Portuguese.

    – Shirtsleaves in Rome, who sent me a kickass veggie-lasagne recipe for my 1-day late celebration tomorrow night.

    XTX, cause I heart her alot, and she’s the best dam wingwoman on the blogosphere.

    Ukrainian Demonstrators, for showing the world that they can brave harsh weather and fatigue and demand some real democracy instead of the bullshit they’re handed.

    – The internets, cause they have taught me more about who I am and what I’m capable of.

    Tony Pierce, who’s ass just published a book, and of course, I have ordered it.

    – Ethiopia, for accepting the border/peace agreement with Eritrea, thereby ensuring my future visit.

    Ms. Thingk, who I’m happy to be cooking with on this holiday.

    – Brian of the StateImin, Jamie of the Known U, and all the bloggers I’ve gotten to know in the past year, my blog-neighbors who I look forward to living next door to for years to come.

    – My boys in Portugal, the craziest and best support group a guy can have.

    Marty McFly in Stockholm, for teaching me Din n?sa ?r som ett wedge ost, dina ?gon som choclat chips.* which is all I will say to charm Swedish ladies.

    – The D-Rock

    – All ye blogreaders, you’re good folk and I hope you enjoy.

Oof I just left off a ton of people that deserve to be on here. ~wink wink~ and and lest I not forget you over there, ^wink wink^.

There, now everyone feels included, and no one hates me. Except the pope, but he’s grumpy all the time.

* You nose is like a wedge of cheese, your eyes are like chocolate chips.

Today’s Sounds: RFI – A l? une