Sunday Pod People

If I can swing it, from now on, Sunday’s will be dedicated to Podcasting. No it has nothing to do with alien probes, or genetic mutations, it is –according to me– the next frontier of blog universe: frequently updated websites with audio posts (MP3’s) consisting of commentary, music, interviews, etc. Adam Curry can explain it better, and sure enough, he just moved from the Netherlands.

I used to think, “Podcasting? I don’t have one of those newfangled Ipod’s!”(yet) But sure enough, you don’t need that little white gremlin plugged into your ears and strapped to your arms. Even if they are kind of sexy. (?!) All you need is a microphone, computer, and a voicebox… even that might be optional. A good start to the world of podcasting is which Curry himself helps run. Don’t worry about not being tech savvy, you’re reading a blog, you’re already tech save- just go with it.

So my two picks of this weekend are The Nation Magazine’s Audioblog, which this week features Howard Zinn, one of my most favorite thinkers of all time. He talks about his new book “Voices of a People’s History” and how the world’s focus should now be on building a sweeping movement against the war. He also gets into how ridiculous the idea is that you can use war to diminish terrorism. He has long been saying, as have I,

"..we should look closely at the grievances

of so many millions of people, especially in the middle east,
and examine whether or not those grievances are legitimate,
and why they drive this small fraction of this population
to commit such acts."

Look at the cause, and see what isn’t being done to solve those problems..

My other pick is loft 405, broadcasting from a loft in Brooklyn, with good tunes and fun commentary.

So there you have it -podcasting, you’ll be ready when it comes up during dinner conversation. Then you can prove that you’re down with tech trends and show everyone you’re a nerd hip.

Today’s Sounds: Radio Nation Audioblog with Howard Zinn, with Jimmy Eat World – Clarity in the background