Sounds of Wisconsin

Last week, following my announcement that sunday’s would be dedicated to the wonders of podcasting, a blogreader (who will remain nameless) came up to me and said, something like:

Oh yeah, I read your post with all the nerd talk in it. 

Nerd Talk? PEOPLE!

Do not fear podcasting, and do not fear sundays on the communiqu?. Rather, EMBRACE this fantastic new world of broadcasting via the net!

Maybe it’s the word itself, PODCASTING… Pod… that’s not so scarey. Like peas in a pod. And casting, like casting for a school play, isn’t that cute? Put them together, it’s not that nerdy.

All day long today I’ve been having a Dawn and Drew podcasting marathon. At first, I just wanted to give it a listen since it was listed on Loft 405’s site. But – to my surprise – I’ve become addicted to this hilarious couple broadcasting shows almost daily from their barn in Wisconsin. My favorite so far was their guest Turkey, sex for ratings, and weird phonecalls to family members about childhood embarrassment. Their personalities work so well together, it actually reminds me of the mini-shows my friends Davey Darko and Catdog used to record on my taperecorder whenever I”d lend it to them. Even here in Amsterdam I have those tapes with me and I pop them in and listen to the fun as they drive around New Jersey’s infamous Route 22.

Dawn and Drew asked the question the other day, “Why is podcasting such a guy thing?” To which Dawn replied – “is it?” So ladies… make it not be so, check out the show, search for other podcasts, show the world that it’s not a “guy thing” to be into new technology. (cause of course it isn’t!)

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT TOMORROW, right here on the Communiqu?, I’ve been working hard on a new thing.

Today’s Sounds: Dawn and Drew Show marathon (podcast)