Santa Arrives

Woke up this morning feeling just as hazy as last night, yet somehow I did everything I’m supposed to do on monday morning. Struggling through the morning, trying not to make eye contact with anyone because they’ll see the tired eyes. I’m pretty sure I dotted all my I’s and crossed all the T’s, but I’ll be damned if I remember half the conversations I had this morning at work. At some point as the employees wandered into the kitchen, all the ladies we’re standing their reading each other’s palms. Like an amused toddler I held out my palm as if to say “read mine.. read mine!” They barely seemed to notice me, and I thought “make your mat? kid, and get out of here before you say something stupid.” Note to self: Sunday nights should never be mistaken for Friday nights.

So with its mountains of opium, Afghanistan has now become the world’s leading narco state. Move over Colombia, there’s a new junky in town! I’ve been reading the Afghanistan Watch blog and I was looking at photos of the plant in this week’s Parool Magazine, man is that a pretty flower, no wonder they grow it – makes an otherwise grey landscape look dreamy. “The hills are alive, with the scent of opium!”

Went browsing Harper’s Magazine, Znet, and American Prospect, which I haven’t done in a while. At Harper’s I finally read the article on how to become an expat. (not that I don’t already know from experience) At Znet I was engrossed in Robert Fisk’s piece on Arafat and the interview with my professor and friend-for-life Steve Shalom about parapolitics. He used to urge me to write something for ZNET, and somehow my lazy ass never did, opting instead to stick to blogging only.

Ms Thingk handed me a lovely gift today, the Garden State Soundtrack, which I’m loving. This will have to hold me over until the movie finally arrives in the NL. Zach Braf, director/actor/blogger, recently announced on his garden state blog that its now available on DVD.

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