No Justice No Peas

Well I hope you’re satisfied. Yes you… I’m looking right at you cutey international student girl. You and your internets and friendsters. And you – hard working dude from Papua New Guinea, looking all happy and studious, you just love getting here bright at early, as the key goes click-click in the door. What if that tidal wave splash of muddy water from the Fiat Punto had swallowed me up this morning? What if I stayed in my warm, laundry-fresh smelling bed a few extra hours? Hmmm? All hell would break loose if I didn’t open the fishtank on monday mornings. Cause the kids need their internet, and “I am the keymaster…. are you the gatekeeper?”

I’ve been waiting for the chance to put nipples on the blog. This is my cheese in the proverbial trap, to catch that rat Michael Powell. He’s got Nipple Detector Radar.

I just sent T-T-Tony of the busblog, my nominations for the first annual busblog awards, or as I’d like to call them – Bloscars. So here they are, in no friggin particular order, sir:

  • Accordian Guy Visits a Toronto Dump: I love the photos most of all, and it fascinates me to no end.
  • The Known Universe’s Jamiee gets to the gate for his flight back to NYC, and then… : I just thought it was the ultimate in terms of living in the moment.
  • NoCoins chooses a Doctor: Anytime you mix NoCoins and a Doctor’s Office together, shit is funny.
  • And of course, TheStateImin-Brian’s family militia: It’s like Family Ties with guns, I love it.

I’d like to thank the academy, my agent, oh and Heyzeus.

Today’s Sounds: Loft 405’s Latest Podcast – New Found Glory