Liberal Healer

The fishtank reminds me of the M*A*S*H 4077 today, and I’m doing my best Cpl. Klinger, all that’s missing is the wedding dress. I keep wishing I wasn’t the computer doctor on call. I studied European Communication people, nothing to do with you hard drive gonorrhea! Who do I see about a section 8?

I’m like the anti-christ of computer repair, I walk amongst the sick and counsel them. I touch their keyboards, bless them, and suddenly entire hard drives fail. It’s a miracle how many computers I’ve unsuccessfully repaired, soon I will have disciples who hate me, and people will follow a star to find me, so I can break their computers for them. I think I’ll walk on water on the way home today, then sink right to the bottom.

Great discussion last night at the ranch, all stemming from the film “The Last Supper” which I happen to know by heart. The film itself is unremarkable, but it’s the central questions that the movie asks, which make it great.

You're a time traveler, you travel to the year 1909,

you're in Austria, at a bar, sitting across from a young
art student with one testicle, named Adolf. Now, to this
point, he's not a mean guy. He has no political aspirations,
has hasn't hurt anyone, he's not even mean tempered....
.... Do you kill him? Knowing that it could save all those
people. Do you kill him there. for the sake of the world?

Such a great question, I always thought. Plus the ongoing theme of the film is how “liberals” (in the US sense) only talk and argue, and never actually take any action. Which is argueable, but a classic criticism of the left in general, they talk and think, but never do anything.

My answer to the first question has changed since my days as a fledgling leftist, when I would have jumped up and shouted YES THEY DESERVE TO DIE and I HOPE THEY BURN IN HELL. (Samuel L. Jackson cameo on the blog) Now, I’m a more mature leftist, embracing many of the hypocrisies that I practice. (not working hard, yet claiming to be a friend of the workers, for example!) I would not kill Adolf. I would talk with him, listen to him, debate and make my points to the best of my ability. Attempt to make him see the error of his ways. And if it didn’t work, I’d thank him for the drink, and bid him farewell… despite my knowledge of the future. Because he alone was not the cause of it all, there were specific circumstances and factors that helped to produce him. And furthermore, as much as I like to identify what I feel is right and wrong in the world, how can I talk about tolerance, the value of exchanging ideas through debate, and non-violence, If I’m ok with killing those who stand in the way of such a world.

Anyway I digress. It’s a fairly interesting discussion and this is just my 2 euro cents on it, or whatever you want to call the currency. But I do think it applies to many other examples of fuckheads in the present-day.

Today’s Sounds: The MIGHTY ZULU NATION – Shobana flyin lo