Eat and Spread Gossip

Popped in at the office of my communication research ladies for gossip and a sandwich. Food and gossip go together, don’t they? I find myself searching for food when there isn’t any around, and inventing gossip when I don’t have any. I tallied one caprese sandwich, one bag of paprika chips, 2 steamy affairs, a fist fight, and a pair of illegitimate children to boot. Gotta keep my comm reseach ladies entertained, otherwise their research alone will lead them to MADNESS. — one step beyond.

Brace yourself, I’m about to nerd out on Fantasy Basketball. Why? Because my golden child, the chosen one, the Puerto Rican dream, IS BACK. Yes, Carlos Arroyo played some minutes for the Utah Jazz after being injured SINCE FOREVER. But I never gave up on him, I kept his hobbly ass on the bench, keeping the faith. And now it will pay off, my whole lineup is inspired and logging big points lately. Being the proud fantasy coach that I am, I’m making virtual cupcakes for each of them, and Carlos gets extra icing.

Speaking of Utah… what’s with that state? What are the mormon rules again: don’t touch technology on saturday, don’t advertize beer, send your young males to Europe in bad suits and lame name tags. Something like that?

Someone call the state of NJ and urge them to take it easy with the amount of visitors they send me in one week. To her credit, this one is going to expense-account me a dinner. Tibetan here I come!

Today’s Sounds: Off the Wall on WUSB Stoneybrook, from last night.