Buy Sell Kill

We interrupt the usual monday morning bla-bla-bla for a special announcement. Please welcome, in stained jeans and a Dole-Kemp 96′ T-Shirt, direct from unemployment, former White House Press jerk – Ari Fleischer!

Ladies and Gentleman. Global Citizens. Unfertilized eggs. Organisms from other planets. After almost three years of proud service to you the readers, and in continuing with the very narcissistic spirit of the blog, the Bicyclemark’s Communiqu? Souvenir Shop is now open for business y’all! (I loved when Ari used to say y’all in his press briefings.)

Thank you very much Ari, you can go back to your daytime soap watching buddy. Now I hear you thinking it…. you’re wondering.. what the f? A shop? But it was inevitable my friends, I’m a regular cottage industry. Sans cottage. And without any real industry either. Of course I don’t actually intend to make a profit, but just for the sake of transparency, I make .50 American Cents on each item. Too greedy perhaps? It’s all part of my plan {insert evil laugh}.

So if the Chilean government finally sends you some compensation cash for your family’s suffering under Pinochet, maybe this is where you want to spend your newly acquired loot.

Or perhaps you want to toast the Ukrainian Supreme Court’s soon-to-be decision to have a do-over election in 2 weeks, using a mug with my mug on it. (blog-psychic prediction)

Or maybe, just maybe, you don’t dig on global news, or the word from Amsterdam, but you support the BLOGGING cause baby. Because, as we say on the blogosphere: “You’re either with us, or… umm… maybe you’ve got other hobbies.”

Today’s Sounds: Coldplay – Parachutes (I still don’t know if I like it)