Weep Kryptonians

Kal-El, son of Jor-El has died. This is not the first time either. But don’t worry, because the internet and wikipedia will ensure that Krypton and its sons are forever remembered.

Derrida on the other hand, only now am I trying to understand him more. And I do appreciate what I understand of his philosophy in terms of language and word use. The words I type have more than just the meaning I think they have, they are multilayered with a historical and cultural connections. I think people forget that when they’re so busy being angry about so called political-correctness. As I’ve always said, it shouldn’t be called p.c., it should just be called thinking and considering the layered meaning of your words, before you speak. Actually I’m a Derrida idiot, but this is what he always reminds me of…. where’s my philosophical love in the Berkshires to help me out? …Amsterdam has never been the same without her.

Toronto’s number one chef in exile cooked dinner for some old and new Amsterdam personalities last night. Never has this city seen such a creative and loving chef, the man suffers for his art. Lucky us that he decided to come set up shop in the Pijp for a spell. Naturally I thought to bring the Torontonienne along, I mean.. who could resist introducing Canadians in Amsterdam to each other. I tried my best to listen-in on their interactions, observing Canuks in the wild. She will be guestblogging this weekend, by the way. (I hope) Yes, I shall be in Brussels spending quality family time. But I digress, over dinner we discussed the uniqueness of New Zealand, Australian Accents, and Canadian accents, which I am unable to reproduce via a blog. FOR Now.

Oh and – spy report – – spy report – spoke to my insider at the EU, this Croatia thing is a definite go it seems. I thought it was only an idea, but no no, they’re definitely going ahead with plans for Croatia to join the EU in something like ’07 or ’15.

I’ve never been there, but I have many Croatian friends here in Amsterdam, like the laid-back and fun-lovin cook at Foodism. (Oude Leilestraat Plug Plug) From his stories and what I read in the news, I’ll be very glad to have Croatia join the fun. I was thinking about it the other day, technically now, I could travel to Hungary and I am effectively a pseudo-citizen, in that I am a European Citizen. Going to Hungary could be like, me as an American going to.. New Orleans or something. Ok not the same… but I had you going for a second there.

Today’s Sounds: RFI Musique – I think its Baba Maal right now