Tasmanian Devils

As I sit working on this blog post I here this constant shouting “stroke… stroke… stroke.” No it’s not Dick Cheney shouting for help, it’s some sort of Amsterdam row-boat races. Big teams of 6 to 12 rowers and that lazy guy or gal who just keeps calling them maggots and worthless while demanding they row harder. (maybe they’re not always insulting) Some of the groups are old men, some are young, most are mixed men and women. The buzz-cut women’s boat just sped by, those ladies seem to be kicking ass. Everyone, tourist or local, has stopped to watch the typically autumn event. I’m jealous, I want to row in a team of maggots too.

Quick update on Australia. Where John Howard and his loser-coalition have puttered to victory. How? I blame Tasmania. Where those weird cartoon animals come from and where the labour party couldn’t eek out a win. I bet it was the Australian first lady’s memorable blog entry that whisked her husband to victory. What does this mean to the world? The Aussies will remain in Iraq til hell freezes over, and GW Bush has managed to keep at least one of his boot-lickers for the coming years.

Speaking of the American Prince, I stayed up all night watching and it was chok full of cringe moments. They were both absolutely vague about their numbers no matter which issue, and shrub- like a man possessed- kept making every question relate to Iraq somehow. Discourse.net carries a nice debate round-up today. It was 4am in the morning and I was shouting “FUCK YOU” at my television everytime they mentioned not-consulting Europe before making any decisions, or not trying to please Europe.

I’m also a European Citizen, and let me speak on behalf of the continent for a moment – STOP USING EUROPE AS A SCAPEGOAT. It’s a union with more people then yours, (arguably) more financial power than yours, and almost as much world-influence as yours. I’m not asking you to fear Europe, I’m asking you to acknowledge that you live on the same planet and must work together in the name of progress and understanding. And stop pretending like the rest of the world doesn’t also share the criticisms of the Bush admin.

Oh and even though he was wrong on his facts, I did like the bizarre joke he made when he asked the audience: “I own a logging company, that’s news to me…. Want some wood?” Now it’s time to listen to last night’s hilarious Ron and Fez simulcast of the debate.

Tomorrow I have to talk about the crazy blogger-related fantasy basketball league I’ve joined.

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