Take the A

If you’re going to the End of the World, you may as well bring good company. Last night a pair of Canadians and myself ventured over to the end of Java Eiland, where the wind is colder and the streets are silent. I led them to that long boat I have so often jogged by. From the outside is looks like everyone is sleeping, not a sound. Just as we were about to board the seemingly deserted boat, a group of giggly well-fed people emerge from the boat doors, and cross the plank back to land. After exchanging a few words with them, we board, only to discover the joy of the infamous squat restaurant the Einde Van de Wereld. I expected squat culture at its worst, cramped spaces, unclean. I expected wrong. This boat was huge, and the environment was a warm and friendly one. Never was there a feeling that we were new or unwelcome. We fit right in. I did my best to ask how everything works, so as not to mess up the system:

    – Go to Frank Zappa, tell him if you want the Veggie or the Meat entree.

    – Move down to Zappa’s sister, tell her what you want to drink.

    – Sit down and enjoy bread from the big plate of bread that remains on the table as each costumer comes and goes.

I’m pretty sure I’ll become a frequent customer at this restaurant-boat that is only open two days a week. I’ll bring many a guest there, and who knows – maybe get on a first name basis with the boat-people.

58,000… count’em… 58,000 missing postal ballots in Florida. And we all know that state isn’t alone. I think the UN needs to step in right now and declare these elections null and void. Send in the Canadian and Bangladesh peace keepers to secure the white house and remove the crown prince, until free elections can be held. In the meantime instruct all Americans to “go back to living their normal lives again” or the more popular “go shopping.”

NYC people, listen close, cause this concerns you. The MTA is celebrating their centennial. So when you get on the subway the next few weeks, don’t get upset at the ceiling fans and tweed seats – you’re riding in a piece of history! I’m super jealous, I’m missing out on riding in a wooden train car that was declared unsafe decades ago. The irony is most New Yorkers will pile in, tired and irritated from work, and will look at the old train cars and bitch about how shitty the MTA is.

xtx had a post that I was especially captivated by, regarding moms, babies, and play groups. Makes me realize how much I really want one……

…. my own play group.

One last thing, somebody tell me if this weblog course outline (.pdf) looks any good. I’m going to submit it to learn-ed old men who normally frown upon my youth and inexperience, and hopefully don’t read my blog too closely.

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