State He’s In

The basic elements of a good breakfast in my world: Special K, Organic Soymilk, and banana. This morning I added one extremely unhealthy ingredient: the Vice Presidential debates. It sounds more like a “who loves to bomb and kill people more” competition. I can barely tell who the “liberal” is. To his credit Edwards sounds human, versus MechaGodzilla.

Last night I chatted with the Brian, the man behind The State I’m In, and man was it entertaining. Highlights are posted on his bloggy. Turns out he’s a huge MST3K fan and he’s good with his mutants. We both agree that the best name for the future baseball team should be: The DC Comics.(credit Ron and Fez callers for that one)

Before I make my official Peace Prize selection-prediction, I wanted to announce a new blog exercise: This ol’Park. A little background: Being as though I’m the part-time work king, I have Friday off. I use my free time to explore Amsterdam, and the internet (more often). Therefore every Friday until it gets too dam cold, I shall visit and review a different Amsterdam park, complete with photo. It shall begin Friday and I encourage questions in the comment section. oh and one more announcement, I shall be featuring a guestblog or an interview (depending on which she grants me) with THE Torontonienne as she’s back from the beer gardens tomorrow.

Now to thin the herd, the bicyclemark Peace Prize finalists are:

3. President Obesanjo of Nigeria, for appearing in most peace negotiation photos of any world leader last year.

2. President-Select Karzai of Afghanistan, for visiting many shithole towns and evading death, so far.

1. Bono, no the singer. Although Sonny might posthumously deserve something.

I hope they don’t go and just give it to an organization, that’s such a cop-out. Good luck to all finalists this Friday, and good luck trying to claim a prize from me, punks.

Someone made a video version of Tony Pierce’s How-to-Vote blogpost, dam the blogosphere is fun. And for all the historians out there, recording history as it happens: I’m looking like a strong write-in candidate in New Jersey. If I win, it will be a very Lenin-like return to the states for me, out of exile. Somebody find his old armored train and convert it to a plane for me.

Today’s Sound: Waking up to the Veep Debate on