Puppet Theatre

Lets get this debate shit out of the way, because I thought I wouldn’t talk about it, but in the end, I’ve listened to hours of analysis of it in three languages today. I skipped out of party stop #2 last night, cutting the Thursday night tour off early to prepare for the presidential pageant which I hoped would begin at 1h00 (CET) my time. It did not. So I put on my night cap and drank a night cap.. and waited. Worse than waiting, I waited and watched CNN International like Pavlov’s dog waiting for a bell to ring. The bell rang at 3am… I didn’t hear it. Subconsciously in between whatever dream I was having about flying, midgets, sex… all at the same time, I do believe the debate crept into my ears. Thus I believe I am now dumber. Both rich white old men said nothing, and each pretended to be the friend of the “people.” Is that what citizens elect, a friend? At any rate, if I were to compliment either bum, I would say Kerry’s empty rhetoric was better than Bush’s whining rhetoric.

But let me give you a deeper analysis:

Most mumbling: Prince Bush

Most statements beginning with “Well Jim”: Emperor Kerry

Most name dropping: K-dog

Most childish: B-boy

Weirdest Statement: Johny K ‘s “The Pottery Barn Rule- You break it you bought it”

Best Hair: JFK

Best Statement about any place in the world other than Iraq, Afghanistan or Sudan: none. There ARE NO other countries with trouble.

Most Shots of Water: GWB

Most “You can’t do that” type statements: Bushy

Most repetitive: Bushle about flip-floppin

stupidest Statement: W teaching us what he thinks the ICC is.

Overall winner: Jim Lehrer and PBS, this should help the next telethon.

But again.. I must remind myself… nothing was said during that pageant.

Some blog moments this passed week:

– The Torontonienne has been picking my brain about blogging and identity, I suspect she’ll be blogging by mid-October, a lovely month to start as Tony Pierce can attest.

Kirstin Dunst’s twin chatted me up in the fishtank at work, she’s a livejournalist and was fascinated by my 116 feeds in bloglines.

– Blueberry girl, who enjoys blogs and my love for the art, is off to work for the International Monetary Savings-n-loan in Paris.

– Crazy Dr. M found my desire to get onto certain academic blogrolls. my wish to get in with the in-crowd, interesting.

The State I’m In has mastered RSS feed, and now he’ll start living in his office.

– Despite my increase in visitors, I still only have 4 subscriptions to my feed on bloglines. Which means many out there are totally missing out on the RSS revolution!

I would love to go to this conference in Galicia and discuss Iberian-American digital journalism. First I’ll have to look through the couch cushions for loose euros.

ps- The upcoming American elections already don’t meet international standards. Just a friendly reminder.

Today’s Sounds: My Hero Robert Fisk Talking on Democracy Now