Get Your Ball On

The fantasy basketball draft is in two-weeks. All day long I’ve been in on the bm ranch running laps, dribbling, and studying plays. That’s right, you heard correct, I’m participating in the Busblog Fantasy Basketball League. And while I don’t know much about who’s good in the NBA anymore, I know plenty about fantasizing, so I think I’m a contended this year. My strategy… I have none. But I’m from New Jersey, so I’ll favor any and all New Jersey players in the draft. Also, as a boy living abroad, I have a soft-spot for foreign players, so that tall Chinese Center guy… you’re welcome on my team. Same goes to you Serbian guy who plays for Sacramento. My team name you ask? The Stoned Tourists. That’s correct.. the ferocious beasts who invade Amsterdam on a daily basis… you wouldn’t believe their abilities while under the influence of the good herb. The whole league looks like fun, which is to be expected under the watchful eye of commissioner Tony Pierce. Two weeks from today, mark it down – the madness begins.

I really like this phone conversation between Jamie and Raymi. Makes me want to wander the streets of NYC like old times. And generally these are some of the hippest bloggers on the block, hence, I recommend them to all of you in readerland.

My review on Afghan elections will come tomorrow. But there won’t be much to say. Most of the parties have called the process null and void, while foreigners are saying it’s good as gold. Karzai is probably hiding in a bulletproof bathroom of a bombproof house, the a heavily guarded biodome where he has preserved all the necessary species to sustain life for 5 to 8 years.

Bitch PhD is rockin shiny new rss syndication. Because I am the Robin Hood of RSS, only I don’t rob the rich… and I don’t do much poor feeding either.

Today’s Sounds: Cursive – Domestica