Get me to Buenos Aires

As much as I can complain about being a part-time human at the U of A, I sometimes forget that there are perks to workin my gig. No not a whopping salary, my corner desk or the free hot chocolate til I burst, or the lovely exchange students that come and go. One of the best perks are the fieldtrips. I can’t remember another job that had official field trips, except maybe at the Voice where my fieldtrips consisted of knocking on mobsters’ doors, asking questions about their bankruptcies, and then hoping they won’t shoot me as I walk back to my Plymouth. No, the international school takes us out! Wines and dines us, puts us in odd situations. And yesterday was a classic:

meet in a loft in the heart of Amsterdam, dress like fools (my usual), and start painting while champaign and wine make the rounds. And by Vishnu.. did we PAINT.

Of course there will still be downsizing. Or office gossip. Or the occasional falling out. But at least yesterday, for the whole day, it felt good to be an employee. Even if I don’t make enough to afford Richard Bona tickets when he plays Paradiso.

All signs tell me I need to go to Buenos Aires! Yes. It has been announced that Nestor and his government were voted “least corrupt” in 20 years. Of course they only asked business execs, who themselves are probably the most corrupt in 40 years. Still, a poll’s a poll. They even called Menem the most corrupt of all time, which is nice for a guy who’s exiled in Chil?. Yet this isn’t why I need to go, I need to go to check out the Mat? exhibition at the Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo. I wonder if they give tips, I’ve started using mint AND ginger in my mat?. Ernesto Guevara would be proud, this being the month of the anniversary of his death. A fine time to go see the Motorcycle Diaries, if it ever gets here. I’ve watched the previews over and over, and I’m excited. I’ve read the diary, I’ve read Patrick Symme’s version when he followed the path in 1999, I’m ready for the film, and then I’ll take the journey myself!

In other news, the PM of Lebanon resigned, and YES the Torontonienne got a photoblog. Plug for myself- I sometimes appear in the photos! She stole my soul with her photographic device.

Today’s Sounds: Talib Kweli – Quality (Brooklyn’s own)