The king of jogging, my roommate, has migrated to Oslo, and my homelife will never be the same. He left me a bottle of spirits, chess board, and a typewriter. The typewriter and I have been getting acquainted. I type with her and I can feel what a vixen she must have been back in ’85. She’s electric.. boogie-woogie… complete with red lights, which works well in Amsterdam. The ink went dry probably at the end of the Clinton years, but I slid in paper and started typing anyway. I like the sounds of typing. I opened my window and door to let the passing tourists hear me and think – “Hunter S. Thompson must be in there, exiled in the Netherlands, writing about Bush’s addiction to crack.”

Speaking of the usual subject of blogging these days. One of my favorite Seattle Weekly columnists, Geov Parrish, has also laid down his weapons and backed JFK. Shocking. Everyone is calling a truce in the name of elections. Makes me wonder who’s watching the farm while the usual cynics and critics are joining hands.

Today I learned that Jill likes that Eminem video as well, and here’s the streaming link. It’s beautiful. The storming of the white house, the black sweatshirts, the look and feel of the video remind me of that animation in “the Five Obstuctions” or “Waking Life.”

So about last night: When you’re wearing short shorts, knee high socks, a basketball jersey, a towel and a bandaged head complete with bandaids over the nose and eyes, it is not the best time to have even a remotely intellegent conversation with someone new (who might be reading this right now). But that’s what happens. Scrapped the teenwolf thing because I hated the fangs and that synthetic fur which continues to appear in the shower drain. Why oh why? This is exactly what Michael J. Fox went through I bet. Until his dad explained the wolf family tree.

Anyway I mention her, not in the name of filling my blog with more ladies, but because she’s doing her PhD in the legendary humanities department. That alleged Oasis where they’re not being downsized or obsessed with stupid ass policies of PUBLISH MORE PUBLISH FASTER! Bicyclemark seeks such an oasis as a place for his never-ending PhD aspirations. And what a moment to be meeting a potential future colleague. I mumbled some jokes that only I could understand, handed her my card- like the nerd that I am, and then turned back to the dancefloor to shake my Halloween booty. What a super great first impression eh?

I’m officially retiring from the party scene. Goodnight all ye young whipper snappers. You won’t have BM to kick around anymore.

Today’s Sounds: Wilco + Billy Bragg (found long ago in a computer lab)