Brain is Fogged Up

You ever wake up and feel unfunny? No? Well that’s what happened to me this morning. I have this cloud over me, an unfunny cloud. The only human who had to actually deal with that today was allstar- guestblogger the Torontonienne, who’s post I enjoyed and admittedly read over and over. Something about having a guest on my blog, it’s exciting, like having a guest at my place, only minus the Mat?. Or maybe I have some kind of fetish for Canadian theme towns? Whatever it is, I can promise you it’s not the last you see of that lovely Urban Planologist on this here blog.

Cute nephew alert! Credit my brother, Mr Foggy Recollection, for this photo, and credit both he and his wife for making one beautiful great pumpkin. After seeing this photo, I take comfort in the fact that I have purchased a round trip ticket to Jersey, with a 2 day stop in Lisbon of course! As if family and friends weren’t enough, there are great posts like Jamie’s latest on cranberries, or TPB at the meadowlands tattoo Convention, both of those make me miss my wacky garden state.

I swung by the Crazy Dr. M boat last night to polish off a bottle while discussing the finer points of computers, musicals, relationships (gasp), and blogging. Actually I become obsessed with the stack of voting guidebooks he had from his homestate of California, county, and city (San Diego, why not give it all away). I was shocked and impressed by the amount of information they load you up with as an absentee voter. Nevermind listing the candidates in nice neat lists, they have an mammoth list of propositions and then one whopper of a referendum on requiring small and medium businesses to provide health insurance to employees. BUT WAIT, don’t fall asleep yet – there’s more. They also list the pros and cons, drafted by legal experts, and then below- a list of who supports the yes or no vote. For example, on proposition 69 which seeks to limit the amount of clowns allowed in a clown car, Homey the Clown, president of the Ex-Con Clown Association of America, would be listed being against. While John M. Safety, president of the save drivers club, would be listed as for. Ok I confess, that example is real, California is a weird state. Point is, I thought it was an interesting way to approach the vote. I think other states might be quite different.

Crazy Dr. M showed me his sealed ballot, and he confessed to not having voted for Leonard Peltier and the Peace and Freedom party. I disagree with his decision, Peltier is one of my most favorite political prisoners of all time, and gets my vote for pres this year. He was nominated from prison, and I should also point out – has been recognized as a Political Prisoner by the UNHCR, Amnesty, Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, and the European Parliament, to name a few. If anyone knows about what is a political prisoner, and then being president, surely Mandela does. Oh man, now I’m remembering that Chapelle Show skit- Mandela Bootcamp.

Today’s Sounds: Magnetic Fields (It’s all her fault!)