I Heart Sofia Coppola

NOTE: If you want to watch streaming video of my speech, you can find it here Just scroll down to the link that says “Video-Impressies” and then choose the section with my name on it, under the title “Who are You?…”

As usual I’m slow to see a film, but I must talk about it. Rented “Lost in Translation” last night. While I was at Cult Videotheek, which claims Quentin Terrantino as a former club member, I got caught up with watching “Arizona Dream” with the video store girl. Interesting flick with Johnn Depp, directed by Emir Kosturica who also did the twisted “Underground” which I own on DVD.

Anyway after watching the film, I think it has some of the most beautiful images ever- mesmorizing. The director of photography made great use of things like plants, trees, night scenes, even hotel rooms. Of course I fell in love with Scarlett Johansson. But then I watched the extras with Sofia Coppola, and now I’ve fallen in love with her. She’s all beautiful, intelligent, mysterious and has that yoda-like calm… it’s hard to resist. (all this from a few DVD extras)

Speaking of sexy film directors, I have to give credit to Michael Moore today. He has announced that he will NOT submit F-911 as a best documentary nominee! Instead he will submit it as a candidate for best picture. When asked about his decision he replied “Let’s remove the 800-pound gorilla from this category so that the five films [eventually nominated] can get equal attention, rather than just the one that’s been soaking up all the attention.” This reminds me of when all the documentary nominees stood with him for his oscars speech, another move I highly respected. Obviously this latest film wasn’t very documentary-like either, so it’s a good decision all around. My vote goes to Morgan Spurlock’s Supersize me – of course.

OH and hey, I just noticed Oliver Stone did a Castro documentary, that will be my next rental.

So when it comes to issues like Social Security – in any country, I’m always curious to hear what business types have to say. Not to see if I’ll agree with them, but just to try to understand what it looks like through their eyes. I consider Mark Cuban – the Blog Maverick – a business person, and a wealthy one at that. He’s also very proficient at blogging his thoughts and observations. So I took extra-time yesterday to read his take on social security, and I thought I would recommend it to all of you.

My personal not-well-thought-out strategy might be to work in various countries and by the time I’m retired see if I can’t collect a social security check in a few of those places. Put all those checks together and I might have a livable income. At the very least I’ll have one of those government issued blue roller-walkers that Dutch retirees get, complete with a bell and hand brakes. Maybe I’ll roll deep with my own blue-haired gang.

Today’s Music: Amy Abdou – The girl that has everything