Was It All Bad Parenting?

” There is no such thing as right and wrong, there’ s just popular opinion.” – Twelve Monkeys

I’ld like to make a short observation about something I heard recently. The following line was uttered at my job “…it just figures that you let these people in this country and they take everything while the rest of us who have been here since the beginning don’t get anything…” . Stunned? Probably not. This is the kind of short sighted and bigoted nonsense we’ve come to expect in this country. I expect it to come from some ignorant, WASPish, son-of-a-bitch bread by some uneducated red-necks from ass fuck Tennessee. My surprise when I see the face of a woman of Black ancestry (I’m working on racial definitions using federal and state government guidelines. I’ll save that rant for another time.) . The first sentence that came to mind was, “You ignorant bitch. This country, nevermind this lovely little city you’ve settled in, was built around hard working immigrants. While your ever widening ass sits in an office bitching about how people are taking all your opportunities, the filing and typing you decided is below you is piling up you loud mouth hog.” The rage that builds in me when I hear this crap makes me want to spit. Breathe James… Breathe…..

On the news front, I didn’t even realize that Terry Nichols hadn’t been sentenced yet. For those that do not recall the Oklahoma City bombing, you’ll find a series of links with the article. I tried to wrap my mind around the concept of 161 life sentences. I haven’t developed a full opinion regarding capital punishment in this case (historically I am against it), but if he truly did this crime, and he states he did, how can you not end this man’s existence? One hundred and sixty one people dead by his actions. I shiver when I think of the children in the day care.

Speaking of children, this lovely article regarding youth violence in Japan grabbed my attention. Don’t make the instant judgment that Anime and the internet are to blame. Those of you that watch Cartoon Network, like I do, have seen Japanese Anime in its cutest form. You may also have seen some anime on G4Tech TV in its slightly grittier form. I am a fan of most anime and have seen movies that run up and down the violence gauge. I find this argument parallels a lot of what I hear regarding kids here in the states and television/video games industry. Many people wish to blame a variety of media for the problems and violence of our youth today. Let someone who works on the front lines clear things up… It’s not the media, it is the lack of parenting. When you park a child infront of a device to do what you don’t have the patience to do (namely educate your child), you are at the mercy of whatever image flies across the screen. When you don’t take an interest on wether your child is watching an educational program or Jerry Springer, it is your fault as a parent. If we stopped and looked at what was being done to our children, not by the media, but by we “responsible” parents, I believe we could all be taken to task for our failures.

And so comes the end of my time as your guest blogger. I hope you have enjoyed my baby induced ramblings. If you wish to continue sharing in my insanity, you will be able to find me on my blog, Foggy Recollections. You will excuse it’s very basic look as I’m still in development. Enjoy my brother’s view on the world, but remember… He lives in Amsterdam! The boy has got to be high sometime!

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