Oui, C’est Bien ?a

Je crois que j’ai jamais commenc? un blog en Fran?ais. Donc voila, la premiere foi, m?me si vous ne comprenez pas. – Hugh inspired me with his blog opening in French, and therefore despite my poor spelling (in all my languages) I thought it would be a nice change of pace. Another change of pace is that I’m blogging from DeBalie, the electronically hip cultural space in Leidseplein, Amsterdam. I’ll sit here for hours, considering I just spent 5 euro of apple juice and pie. I see nothing wrong with eating both together, you can never overdo apple.

So before I go OLYMPic, I should first discuss the good governor’s resignation in my home state of New Jersey. First off, it’s true that I’m a bit out of the loop with New Jersey news. I spend so much time reading newspapers from all over the world, chatting with Blondebutbight, and trying to clean the white tiles of the kitchen floor, that I don’t notice much on the New Jersey font. Still I do know quite a bit about Jim McGreevey and I’ve always felt the last governor pretty much booby-trapped the job with budget troubles before he arrived. I guess it could also be, as the D-Rock has pointed out, that McGreevey has been surrounded by scandal since the start. My only thought about this whole thing is that he should not have resigned, at least not yet. I feel that this story will be remembered as “McGreevey announces he’s gay and resigns.” Thereby legitimizing being gay as a reason someone cannot hold office. A simple yet effective way to set civil rights back a decade or two. I would have much preferred that he announce he’s gay and stay in office, bearing the brunt of whatever charges or troubles loomed ahead.

Now lets go Greek. I confess… I watched more than two hours of he opening ceremony last night. I’ll confess even more- I liked it. Maybe its the google olympic logo that charmed me, but as critical as I am of the money spent and wasted on stadiums and silly stuff, I’m now digging these Olympic games. I learned all these fun facts about countries like Palau and Gabon, not to mention the enjoyment I got from the BCC announcers dry humor. Then this morning I was fascinated by Judo, Rowing, and Cycling. I was surprised to see Jan Ulrich biking in the olympics. And while I’m a former martial-arts instructor (YES I AM!) I’m still dumbfounded by the rules of Judo. Anyway I can’t wait to watch the other wacky events, especially TABLE TENNIS!

Today’s Music: Vinicious Cantuaria – self-titled