Aussie Fun in the name of Film

-The Loud Mouth American Guy.- Thats the role I’ve been casted for. Two of the loveliest and craziest Aussie girls I’ve ever known are making a film entitled “New Amsterdam” and apparently they thought of me immediately for this specific role. Image that – me as a loud mouth American? hmf. I guess I’ll have to “act”. The movie is about, among other things, studying or working in a foreign country and all those feelings of “did I do what I came to do?” or “who am I?” that can haunt a person. It reminds me of L’Auberge Espa?ol and what I’ve heard about Lost in Translation. If any city deserves to be the backdrop of such a film, this one does.

Staying on the topic of films, which I don’t do very often, Snoopy pointed my attention to the film “Garden State” which folks in North America are probably quite familiar with. I knew nothing of this film accept that it has the nickname of my homestate, so it must be interesting. I also ran into the director’s blog, which I didn’t think too much of. But after seeing the trailer and browsing the site, I’m both madly in love with Natalie Portman – again – and I need to see this film. It also makes me, admittedly, nostalgic for NJ. Usually I say that the only thing I miss about the US are my friends, but every now and again, I miss certain places as well. Like Trader Joe’s!

Since I’m actually linking topics today, instead of the usual three-to-four random paragraphs, I wanted to add something to the info already shared about the Gov. McGreevey troubles. According to the LA Weekly’s Doug Ireland: Jim’s lover had been appointed terrorism tzar and was paid over 100,000$ a year! Also he’s an Israeli citizen, not that that means anything, but its odd to hear terrorism-tzar and Isreali citizen in the same sentence.. isn’t it? Perhaps no. But I’m still left with many questions, like: If you’re terrorism tzar, do you have a choice to wear a crown? Or is it obligatory? OR is it not a crown at all, but more of a modern monarchy SASH system. Hmmmm. Here’s a future terrorism tzar, Crazy Dr. M, who’s considering making his home in NJ:

Elsewear in NJ, TPB Esq. is still at the fair with his Lomo. I have a Lomo which I shamefully neglect in the bottom drawer where I keep extra batteries and latex gloves. Only now do I notice what a weird combination they are. I assure you they look fine together in a drawer.

Today’s Music: Francis Cabrel – Les Beaux Deg?ts