Why waste my time?

“I think this club’s restricted, Wang, so don’t tell them your Jewish”- Al Cvervik

I am so excited about how the convention played out. The excitement, the speeches, the demonstrations, the stars, the autographs, all the spandex, yes Comi-con was the best place to be this past week. I couldn’t attend but I’m sure many of you will tell me of the amazing experience you folks had this week because of this convention. To be honest, I was surprised how much attention this convention got on radio and TV. I didn’t get to watch much television this week, or read a newspaper, or listen to the radio, but I heard that even politicians were at the convention. Comic enthusiasts and politicians were hand in hand discussing politics and the Marvel vs. DC battle. I thought I heard that many politicos even made speeches at the convention. I think I even heard that John Kerry accepted his party’s nomination at the convention. What a huge boost for Comi-con. Whew my mind is just a buzz…

Alright enough, I’ll be honest…I did not give the “Democratic” National Convention even one look. If I wanted to watch a bunch of people deliver meticulously planned speeches and make empty promises I’m sure I can find a Jerry Springer re-run on TV somewhere. At least with Springer we get some entertainment.

Two and a half months. Think about that measure of time. What is 2 1/2 months? I’m 29 years old. 2 1/2 months is .7 % of my life so far. What else is 2 1/2 months? It’s the age of my son Alexander (Xander for short). Those of you with children out there will understand me when I say that his entrance into my life has been at the same time one of the most tiring and most wonderful things I have ever experienced. There is a certain peace that enters your soul when you hold your own child. A calming effect in your heart that tells you, “I don’t care about me at all. What can I do for you?”. A smile on that little face takes hours of work frustration right out the window. A small sigh released as he sleeps in your arms while you flip through the mail, is some of the best relaxation therapy around. Conversely there is the feelings of ultimate frustration when he cries for an hour and nothing you can do will satisfy his frustrations. When he thrashes about incessantly while you hold him, almost driving you to tears, simply because (as you find out a few minutes later) his diaper is wet. These two and half months have been more fulfilling and meaningful than anything I have ever done or accomplished (excluding marrying my wife).

I’m not saying go out and have a baby people. I’m saying, look around at your life. At any time, all of this can disappear. At anytime, your whole world can be shifted and your priorities bent and altered by life’s little surprises. I can remember looking outside my door at a beautiful park thinking “I don’t feel like taking a walk. Sun’s to bright, it’s too hot, and I think I have something to read on-line.” Now the few minutes I get to walk with my son and wife in the early evening around my town, are easily some of the most peaceful times I have spent in my life. Take some time in your “busy” schedules. Visit a family member you haven’t seen in a while. Enjoy an ice cream cone with a loved one. Find a place with a clear view and watch the world revolve around you for a bit. Time is so fleeting. We need to embrace what is infront of us, before we can make a change to that which is ahead of us.

Today’s Music: Morrissey – Viva Hate (Venom spit by a haunting voice)