The Need to Bowl

I woke up this morning and I felt the need to bowl. A twitching in my wrist, that hopefully isn’t RSI, tells me I need to dawn the bowling shirt my brother gave me years ago, and head over to the alley. Despite being an average bowler, I do have a love for the insitution that is bowling.

TB3B reminded me of how much I like helping other people set up their own blogs. It does bring a great sense of joy, in a twisted sense, like bringing someone new into this fun and rewarding world. Blonde But Bright, for example, is a blog that I like to think I helped to make/inspire, and I think it’s going swimmingly. Great adjective… swimmingly. No idea what it actually means at first, but then… its got this positive feeling to it.

In my ideal world, everyone blogs and everyone reads blogs, thus creating an insane interweb of dialogue across the globe. And then misunderstandings will be worked out via blogs, and no country will attack another because we’ll all have blogger friends in every country. It’s a bit like what Robert McNamara talked about in “Fog of War.” He spoke about how during the Cuban Missile crisis, they were reluctant to launch an attack on the USSR because they had so many friends in/so much contact with- the Kremlin. In a way, I think its why some wars/attacks are so easily excused… the American public didn’t have much contact with Iraqis. (Im just generalizing here) Maybe this is the key to a situation like Korea, where so many families are in both North and South. There will never be another Korean war – or at least its less likely – because the two societies are so familiar with each other. Its much easier to bomb or attack or whatever, if we don’t have real contact with “those” people. Thats the theory I’m trying to create anyway.

Today’s Music: Ataris – (the newest one)