The Lance Dance

Lance is cool. The way he climbs a hill, crosses a finish line, shakes the Champaign bottle, or does an interview in French. Oddly enough, one of the biggest reasons I like him is that he’s an American, from Texas (I think.. right?).. yet he’s the king of the Tour de France, a very European competition — OK global really. To me, it’s a little like having the US soccer team win the world cup.. I think it would be nice. At any rate, he’s well on his way to winning his sixth tour.. which I think makes him a minor god. He comes across as extremely polite, modest, and worldly. And I’m enjoying watching him do it. On the other hand, I could understand how annoying it must be to cycling fans who want someone else to win.. nevermind those “other” cyclists. (note.. if you’re reading this blog for the first time, it is NOT usually about cycling at all!)

The SF Bay Guardian, one of my most favorite weeklies in the world, features a MUST READ story about the FCC and media consolidation. Incidentally the weekly now has a great new web layout. By must read I mean, if you haven’t already given up on the idea of having choices, representation, and freedom in your information diet. Camille Taiara writes it, when I did my graduate research on Alt Press, I tried my damnedest to get her involved.. but alas all I got was a “I’m to busy Mark” response email. Fear not Camille… I forgive you and still adore your work.

F-911 arrives in Amsterdam this week. And I’m going to do something highly unlike me… I’m going to the premier. Normally I watch movies one year after they’re out.. if I ever do at all. I just saw Lord of the Rings III… the whole time I felt like I was the last guy watching this film. Which, by the way, should have ended sooner, too much bullshit at the end.

And just to carry on the discussion or thinking about blogging as a huge global conversation, check out how Mathemagenic breaks it down. One think I noted from this post is how many bloggers out there – DON’T USE TRACKBACK! I trackback all the time.. in my sleep even.

Today’s Music: Been singing that new Maroon 5 while riding my bike.