Shark Bite

Ladies and Gentlement: Shark Bite or Motorcycle injury? I thought to post this picture without Drock’s permission… it fits well on my blog, like a high school diploma over a fireplace – if you’ve got those.

The PT countdown has begun, Tuesday morning I’m hopping aboard a TAP flight to Faro and I’ll begin my vacation proclamation there. Heading straight to Lisbon after a swim in the ocean and dinner with my favorite Portuguese-Canadian now living in Algarve. During that time I’ve chosen a very special person as my guest weblogger… and he’ll be posting every other day, as per my commitment to all the readers out there. I’ll write up a proper intro on monday. Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in guestblogging, I think I’ll have another week of guestblogging at the end of the month where I will have someone else. Oh, and of course I’ll still post during that time, I just don’t know how often.

Mohammad Ali Abtahi is one of the most elequent webloggers I know. That that I really know him personally, but his weblogging style is such that I feel like I do. Add to that, he’s Vice President of the Iranian parliament, which make’s me further admire him because of his genuine-ness despite his position of power. Compare his blog to the bland, fake, and stupid blogs from folks like G.W. Bush or John Kerry… they should call Mr. Abtahi and get some tips on how to blog.

Anyway I mention this Iranian gentleman’s blog because he wrote one of the warmest descriptions of the Austrian president’s funeral and his experiences on that day. If the manner with which he blogs is any hint of the caliber of young leaders in Iran, than I say the future looks bright. Despite the stupidity from the US state department, once again trying to manufacture hatred and conflict with Iran over the alleged Nuclear will of Tehran.

I’ve been heavy on the politics of late, not sure what it means. Probably nothing, world affairs have always been a huge concern for me, so that’s what I write about – beyond life observations.

Some basic ideas on the process of hostage taking in Iraq. I grow tired of the boring rhetoric from those who say “The Phillipines made a mistake by giving in to terrorism, it sets a bad example.” The fact is, kidnappings would continue regardless. There is no method to this madness. Look at the US, they – of course- hold their ground and don’t give in to kidnapper demands.. yet kidnappings continue. Phillipines gives in, remove their troops, and kidnappings continue. It really doesn’t matte how a nation responds, these are not groups that use a whole lot of reflection and method in their acts. This is desperation, and thus – illogical thinking. So nevermind “appeasing” or staying tough — this will continue.

I did have an idea on how to reduce the kindnappings: Don’t cover them. You always see the same setup, masked men holding a guy in front of them – POSING FOR A CAMERA. So lets imagine there’s no camera, or that the video never gets shown, you’ve then ruined their main priority, getting on TV. So then what good is kidnapping if no one knows about it? Anyone following me here? It goes back to the old “if a tree falls and no one hears it, does it make a sound?” question.. only its a bit more complex.

Note to self: Introduce Guestblogger, and talk about China and how my blog is getting big there.

Today’s Music:Death Cab for Cutie – PHotoablum