Presenting Big Daddy J

Good people of the blogosphere, first time visitors, loyalists, friends, Romans.. I give you the guest blogger for the next two weeks: My brother (I mean that both literally and in the “ma brotha” sort of way as well)- Big Daddy J

What can I say about this individual, besides coming from a fabulous family, he’s a professional in the Social Work field within the education system in the city of our birth(s). He’s skilled in the realm of computer games, a connoisseur of adult-swim cartoons, and a bit of a legend in the central Jersey bowling world. He’s tri-lingual and bi-pedal (two-leg walker). He and his wife recently had a son, my nephew, who’s now over two months old. The rest, well, is up to him to share. I simply wanted to properly introduce this guestblogger who will begin blogging on Wednesday. (commence standing-at-your-computer ovation)

If you check my site-stats, you’ll find my blog has gotten big in China. I’m very excited about that, I recently sent my personal envoy “Ed” to Beijing. I don’t suppose he’s spreading the word about blogging, but apparently –as Leonard and the Asia Times have been talking about – blogging in general is growing in China. While I’ve yet to experience it for myself, I think regardless of the thousands of “web police” the Chinese government has, webloggers will find a way. Much like an old dam trying to hold back a swelling river, they will eventually prove too many for the “censors.” The same happened with capitalism and globalization; despite the rhetoric of the governing party, they have allowed an incredible amount of “capitalism” into China, and seemingly – will continue to do so. I’m not saying its a good thing, just inevitable. And hey, I appreciate all those Chinese readers out there — welcome! Feel free to comment and join the often-heated debates.

The UNDP’s (United Nations development Program) 2004 Human development Report came out and according to the report, in terms of quality of life… Or as they put it

“A composite index measuring average achievement in three basic dimensions of human development?a long and healthy life, knowledge and a decent standard of living.”

The Netherlands is number 5 on that list! Just a little reminder of why I chose to move here. I wasn’t so shocked to see Norway as number 1, followed by Sweden, Australia, and Canada – also places I’d consider moving too. The US was 8th, Uk 12th, and just to give you an idea Sierra Leone and Niger were at the bottom. No offense to them. I should add, I would enjoy visiting those countries. I recommend browsing around the report because it’s loaded with good info.

I added Chris Missick to the unfed blogroll, at last. He’s the soldier in Iraq that I’ve previously mentioned, and I enjoy the conversations we have via blog and email. I even noticed – i think – that he refers to me in a recent post! I think I’ll return the compliment with a trackback.

So for now I take my leave, off to Portugal for a much anticipated vacation. Look for me in Lisbon if you’re in the neighborhood. Stay tuned for more fun this week with me and my guestblogger.

Today’s Music: Prince- Rainbow Children (very gospel)