MY Broken Internet Heart

Well, the inevitable happenned.. though I wasn’t expecting it. My neighbor with the speedy Wi-Fi signal that I was tapping into.. he up and moved out this morning! Took his whole family with him. (which makes sense) I was crushed. At first I thought ” He must be doing spring cleaning in the summer.” Or ” Maybe he just unplugged the net while he moves boxes around.” Alas, it is not just an exercise in boxing, he’s gone. And using my keen detective skills I can see that my Wi-Fi is also. So, farewell Sitecom (XS4All) we had some good times together. Now a larger crisis looms, I have no net and no phoneline. Phase one – phoneline begins wednesday.. until then, I’m down with the masses in a *gasp* computer lab. Which means I can’t laugh at the screen (or talk to it) and I have to remember all my passwords.

In my last post I believe I denounced Jarvis for being too damn conservative. Which I still maintain that he is. But, as Tony Pierce so quickly made me realize, it is not cause for me to take him off my blog roll or stop reading him. I had almost become one of those who only listens to opinions he likes. Which would make me fit in well in the Whitehouse.

So look, I’m gonna come right out and say it, Saddam Hussein put on a decent defence and I don’t think he’s far from the truth on some points. Among them:

  • Refusal to recognize all illegitimate court – If you think about it, the country was taken by force, so who’s more legal – a dictator or an occupier?
  • The trial is a show for Bush’s re-election – It is indeed odd the timing of this trial
  • I also thought Tarik Aziz was mounting an interesting defence with the whole “you cannot convict me for crimes which were committed by a government” thing. Actually Aziz is wrong on that one though, they can and will.

    Overall the case is obviously a circus, a shadow of trial that really should have taken place in the Hague. All this serves to further undermine the International Criminal Court. But I’ll stay tuned anyway.

    Oh yeah, and Fuck Thomas L. Friedman and his moustache. Barbara Ehrinreich is thankfully writing in his place for a month or so.

    Today’s Music: REM – Reveal