Mike’s Revolution

So its time….time to talk about F-911, because it came out (in the Netherlands) last night, and little ol’me was there. I’m sure over in North America, this conversation is so “last month” but hey, its about much more than a film.

First off, I have been a Michael Moore fan almost since the preverbial day one. Actually since “The Big One” which doesn’t really qualify as “day one” but what can I say, I’m young. I’ve read all his books, and seen most episodes of his shows. After seeing this film, its safe to say Mike has come a long way. No, not really stylistically.. but in terms of power. In this film, every cop and senator seemed to immediately know who he was and they were careful not to brush him away like so many in past movies that wind up looking like idiots. The power-elite of the US clearly recognize him as a force to be rekoned with, and as a lowly blogger living abroad that few -if any- leaders would take seriously (cause they’re bastards), I’d call this a tremendous feat on his part. (and his crew)

Another thing about this movie, it caused me to be ashamed, frustrated, sad, lost, bored, entertained, bored again, and then just tired. Afterwards I noticed everyone, including myself, engrossed in long debates and discussions outside the theater/caf?. This is also a great accomplishment on the part of a director, causing debate.

I was more interested in how the audience received it, than the film itself. I found myself feeling very American, which happens occasionally. As such, I didn’t find the film to be funny, I was saddened and angered (though I was fully aware of the inter-relationships of government, corporations, and terrorism. Yet the audience, which I would guess to be 90% Dutch, seemed to laugh the whole time. I’m still wondering about this. Why so much laughter? Do they realize this class-clown basically rules the world? Do they realize their own troops are also involved in this twisted invasion? It seemed more like a show for them. I think Michael Moore’s work has that effect on Europe, he presents material that is interpreted more like a sideshow- the sideshow of the United States… and people watch in awe.

I could go on and on. But those are my main points. I thought the film was weak for my taste, but I think it is an important film, that needs to be seen. Most of all, after such a mediocre movie overall, I thought he made an excellent conclusion.. that bears repeating over and over. – It is the people who come from the worst places in America.. the poorest people, who are the first to be sent to fight in the name of the country where they live in such horrible conditions. In doing so, they allow the class structure to remain intact, with the rich and powerful on top, reaping all the benefits, and the poor staying marginalized and going off to war.

OK fine, thats really my interpretation, but he did say something like that.

In other news I’m working on having a guest blogger while I’m in Portugal next week. I’ll still be blogging there, but I’m not sure how consistantly, so this way I could have someone garunteeing my every-other-day policy. Plus, Guestblogging is such a cool practice.

Note to self: In next post talk about Iran, because I keep having more and more to say on that subect. Also talk about Iraq-kidnapping theories/reponses.

Today’s Music: The Used (because of my boy Jeff)