Hard to Blog

Well the situation has worsened. Besides being uncertain about how to spell w-o-r-s-e-n-e-d I am, apparently, not allowed in my current poor-excuse for an apartment, to get a phoneline! Yes.. the hypocracy and stupidity of Amsterdam and Amsterdam landlords. The moron in charge of my apartment, who’s not supposed to know I live there (apparently), is hoping the city government won’t know her last tennant died. I not only suspect that she killed him, I suspect my landlady is a nutcase and she’s depriving me of my human right to have a phone and hence – internet. UNACCEPTABLE. I have prepared a strategy, but my liberation day won’t come until September. For now, its back to computer labs, where I have managed to find wi-fi.

I have ten minutes to continue this blog, as far as Portugal goes, hats off to the Greeks.. they were just better. Portugal’s selfishness made me quite sad.. they are pampered individualists… I liked the Greek team’s German infuenced precision and collectivity.

Sadly, my neighbor in the Hague – Slobodan, the future of his trial at the ICC is in jeopardy because of his health. Sad news. Especially since I think its cute how long he’s kept this trial going. Who knew he’d be such a good lawyer.

Go learn about WIKI’s, Will is talking about them and they are super useful. Computer labs closing. Woa is me and me new netless life. I’m going to – gasp – read a book tonight.

Today’s Music: Elvis Costello – When I was Cruel