The Large Apple

A full day in Manhattan provides so much blogging material. At the same time, there’s too much to tell about. Overall, I’d say NYC is NYC… busy as always.. bussling with people walking their mobile phones and talking on their dogs.

My day consisted of lunch with a lovely former student from the international school (U of Amsterdam). I then noticed the street signs saying “United Nations Way” and I thought – “Yes, I’m up for a visit.” So I wandered over to the UN, which is such an accessible place – it’s great. I browsed the UN bookstore, giftshop (lame I know!), and the art exhibits in the mainhall. I chose not to pay the 10$ for the guided tour that I went on only a few years ago. After that I made it down to the Village in hopes of visiting my old boss at the Voice.

But like any legendary investigative journalist, he was down the shore for the day. So I sat with the interns and bored them with my own stories from my time there. I also snapped a shot of my most favorite room at the Voice, the meeting room. (didn’t manage to get the f?ssball talbe in the pic)

After a mini-dinner with a good buddy who studied with me in Amsterdam, I hopped on the lovely new Bombardier-furnished NJ Transit midtown-direct train home.

Tomorrow will commence my anticipated visit to DC. And speaking of the capital of all things US government, I was reading the Guardian and noticed that the Washingtonienne had published an article, all about her being fired by a senator for having blogged about her sexual exploits. Wonkette is always a solid source for updates related. All in all, it’s complete crap that she got fired, and if you really want to know how little your congresspeople give a shit, read her article on what happens to the mail and phonecalls they receive. Now more than ever, we need to “impeach congress”! (my favorite bumper sticker)

Today’s Music: Jets to Brazil – Orange Rhyming..