Stormy Interviews

This week I somehow got involved in someone at the Amsterdam City Government’s research project on international people living here. Apparently I qualify.. even though so often in this city I’m a clandestine apartment renter. It was a long interview, mostly because I talk too dam much.. and the guy just sent me a transcript of it which I might post on here next time. Basically the questions concerned how I ended up here, what the city means to me, troubles I have, and things I wish would be different. My favorite part was when he hands me paper and asks me to draw a map of Amsterdam. He may have underestimated my keen mapping abilities.. because I needed way more than one sheet.. and he got tedious details I’m sure he didn’t want. He may have enjoyed my responses, especially about what I love about the city. Of course I answered the bikes. But more specifically I talked about certain bikes.. the kinds with a box in front and two little tottlers peeking out at you. Or a bike with a basket and a dog inside looking horrified.. these are things I love. Add that to the pile of other things Ive already said about the dam in other posts. Somehow, I think I made a good contribution to this city and maybe they’ll learn from my wisdom.

The Voice published the annual “Queer Issue” this week. I’ve not yet gone completely through it, but the article on the Brief History of Christopher Street looks great. I’ve decided to have a greater knowledge of NYC and greenwich village, I will read “Gay New York: Gender, Urban Culture, and the making of the Male Gay World 1890-1940” by George Chauncey.

Last night after attending a Broken Social Scene concert for Dutch public radio, (show is available online)I came home and caught a special on Ingrid Bettancourt the well-known Colombian politician, mainly from her daughter’s testimony. I can’t believe she’s still in captivity in Colombia. She was kidnapped by the FARC in 2002. It was a super-interesting documentary, I was capitivated by the old footage of Ingrid campaigning in Bogota. Apparently she is still alive because there have been video messages. As much as I dislike the Colombian government, I find the FARC is also quite ignorant and completely lost. There’s a movie somewhere called “The Kidnapping of Ingrid Bettancourt” but I couldn’t find it on the web.

Today’s Music: Neutral Milk Hotel