Speak Finnish

Lots of dark clouds hangin over me these days, at yet at the same time, what I most pleasant day. After a slow-start thanks to a bizarro night when it all got wierd after I found myself singing Fado on the street with some Dutch flamenco-dancing students. We stood out there for hours going through every fado song I could do. They were big Christina Branco fans while I’m more of a Amalia and Mariza fan.

Moving on to other typical Amsterdam randomness, this morning I found myself the guest speaker for a group of visiting Finnish journalism (masters) students from the U of Helsinki. I led a discussion which began with my thesis results on Alternative Journalists in America, eventually leading to a discussion about weblogs as alternative press, which inspired me this morning to seek an nice Finnish weblog in english. It was such a pleasure to talk about blogging, especially with such a hip group. Impressive that, as far as I could tell, none fell asleep, and occasionally my crap jokes worked out. I highly recommended using bloglines to them, as I would to anyone reading this. I’m worried that beyond people knowing very little about blogs, RSS feeds are still a widely unfamiliar topic. Which is disappointing, because they’re my favorite part of my morning, after the special K, soymilk, and banana. (- the anatomy of my breakfast) Oh and thanks again to the student who lent me lunch money, what a lame impression to leave, give a intelligent discussion and then bum money for lunch.

Stepping out of my little world and into the bigger world, I’ve been struggling to follow this story about East Timor and Australia’s fight over who gets the oil. I guess, as always, its about oil. ETAN, who I used to march around NYC with, provide lots of news stories related. Surprise – the US is involved, and I wouldn’t put it past the bloodsuckers at Portuguese GALP to be involved. While I’m on the subject, here’s the only East Timor related blog I could find.

One last point, I’m now convinced that TPB is the king of NJ related blogging. I know he does much more than that, but for me, his latest adventure is just classic.

Today’s Music: Franz Ferdinand