Ridin that Train

There is perhaps no better way to see a country, then from the window of a train. On my Newark to DC Amtrak ride yesterday, I did my best to take in the scenery. I enjoy the cities most of all, especially when you first see the Philly skyline or the somewhat depressing Baltimore cityscape. I also noticed places like Wilmington, Delaware for the first time.. it looked interesting, especially this stadium. Of course I also passed some of the more evil places in the world, such as a Lockheed-Martin plant. I could feel the weapons of mass destruction in the air.

Have you seen the photo of W arriving in France? Tony Pierce hit the nail on the head. I should just carry this photo around for everytime an American asks me what Europeans really think of them and Bush. I could use the same photo whenever a European asks me how Americans feel. Wooosh – inside-out blows the umbrella.

There’s alot of talk about a film called Supersize Me. I have not yet seen it, but it’s about a guy who does nothing but eat McDonalds food everyday. You watch as not only his health deteriorates, but he actually notes the addictive qualities of the food. The moral of that story. among others, is you should never give your children (or yourself) McD’s food to eat, because they will want more… ADDICTION! There’s alot more to the film than this, but I leave the rest to you.

Also Fahrenheit 9/11 trailer website is overloaded. And I noticed another film coming out all about Baghdad in the last two years.

Today’s Music: Morrissey – Vaxhaul and I