Lighter Air

The worldwind tour has ended! Yesterday morning I arrived back in A’dam safe and sound. The flight over, usually a glum affair, turned out to be a really fun one thanks to a lovely person from Scotland. Somehow the white wine just kept flowing, there are no rules up there in the sky… they just keep giving to shut you up. Again I’d like to praise the KLM self-service check-in system. Not only did it take 5 minutes to check in, there are no lines because people seem to fear the freedom of it all. They much prefer to stand in long queues and get angry like the good old days. As always I had to practically go through security in my underwear – I STILL HATE AIRLINE SECURITY! I know I’m the minority, but I don’t believe the humiliation is worth the alleged “safety.”

Flying of course means, besides constant refreshments and boxed food, FREE NEWSPAPERS. As I thumbed through the International Herald Tribune a noticed this article about a Gallup-Europe poll which found that:

-Most Americans believe their country is doing more than the European Union to tackle the world’s problems.

-Only 20 percent of Americans correctly said that the 25 nation EU (over 450 million people) has a larger population then the US (290 mil).

– Democrats have a better view of the EU than republicans.

– Most Americans responded that they believed the US government was doing more in the world than the EU to fight poverty and protect the environment.

Although they are quite worthless, this poll caught my eye, especially since I know the EU spends more on foreign aid and environmental protection that the US. But hey, if you don’t receive a quality education, how will you learn that. (the internet?) For more linking pleasure you might want to read past surveys such as this one about the crap image of the US in the world.

Since I mentioned Scotland earlier, and I’m also interested in the proliferation of “Canadian Studies Programs” worldwide, Across the Pond points out that the University of Edinburgh offers such a program. Oooh… Canada.

Today’s Music: Bill Frisell – Intercontinentals