High on Wireless

If you are my new neighbor on Eerste Helmerstraat, thank you so much for the Wi-Fi! If I ever figure out which window/apartment is yours, I’ll bring dutch apple-pie, flowers,and a bottle of wine. Don’t think of this as mooching… because not only is mooching not a word, but this is not what I’m doing. I’m sharing… using my own Wireless technology, I’m sharing in the joy of your internet connection. I hope you can understand it from my point of view… not like it’s any loss to you. You are my hero/heroine..!?

What happened with that whole Venus in transit event last week? Somehow I missed it, I should start looking up in the name of space exploration instead of at the pavement to make sure I don’t blow a tire. But nevermind Venus, I can’t find enough news on the “minicars on Mars” missions… yes they’re still going! New Scientist reports on some great new breakthroughs on Mars… time to read up.

Weblogg-ed made mention of blog projects in public schools, sometimes involving students, teachers, and parents. While I agree that blogs can be dynamic and effective in terms of creativity and understanding of each other, I worry that the minute you tell kids at a certain age that it’s a project “involving parents, teachers, and students” it will be instantly stigmatized. Students won’t want to honestly and fully participate. Remember how cool it was to work on projects with parents? riiiiight. Don’t get wrong.. now I would gladly do any project involving my parents… but then again, I’ve attained inner-coolness… I mean.. I do live in Amsterdam… isn’t that teenage mecca? Or wait.. that might be the mall.

Shout out to the surge in Finnish visitors to my blog! Welcome back to Helsinki friends, hope the Amsterdam experience (and the Heineken) proved fun and interesting.

Today’s Music: Wes Montgomery – South of the Border