Acting President

NYC one day… DC for a few days.. and a quick stopover in Philly. I’m sometimes impressed with the amount of ground I cover in 12 days. Yet of course, there are tons of friends I still haven’t seen and won’t get to see. Regardless, I had a wonderous time in each of those places. The parties, especially the “RE-Defeat Bush” Singles party was mildly amusing as D-Rock and I seized the oppurtunity to bewilder the guys and especially gals with our timeless tales of world travel and espionage.

Speaking of espionage, the most unfortunate part of my DC trip turned out to be a visit to the International Spy Museum. What a piece of crap. I knew the risks, especially with an exhibit entitled: “The enemy within”, all about terrorism in the history of the US. Besides the easy subjects like the KKK, militias, and British colonial violence, the museum somehow placed labor strikes/movements, black panthers, peace-activists and communism on the list of “terrorists.” I was dumbfounded and generally pissed-off as I arrived at the photo of IWW organizer Joe Hill (personal hero of mine) under the headline “Terrorist or Victim.” The only terror I could see was a private owned museum churning out propaganda for ultra-conservatives. I did find the section on Michigan Militia interesting, especially the very amusing display of “A militia member’s environment” which consisted of a computer, three assault rifles, camoflage outfits, a copy of anarchist’s cookbook, a copy of the US Constitution on the wall, and an American flag. All the ingredients for a crazy militia member… which makes me wonder. I have a computer.. and some military shirts.. is my phone tapped?

While on the subject of crazy dangerous people, Reagan died. Well, his body at least. His mind was gone probably even before he become Senator of California. I have no thoughts other than.. a mild – “good riddance” to a ex-president who encouraged bloody coups and death squads throughout the world, and provided the arms and logistics for civil wars in various countries. He seemed to have little understanding of most things related to his job. The only thing he was right about was the need to end the cold war (because it was stupid!) but even that idea he claimed god had told him, so that doesn’t count as his own initiative. Anyway, glad thats over and done with.

Today’s Music: Specials – NIGHTCLUB!