Waffle’s Anyone?

Quite exhausted after a nice birthday party for a wonderful friend in Utrecht last night. It was nice to get to speak with so many Portuguese and Brazilian folk. Plus during the day, I did make it over to Port Industry Day. There, I boarded a military ship and took photos of ships, including a Green Peace flagship. I love ports, and I found the event to be generally quaint. Photos to follow on Tuesday.

I’m about to skip off to Brussels for an overnight visit with my family there.It is always nice to get over to Belgium, especially because there are always so many cultural events taking place. I shall try and catch the tail end of the Brussels Jazz Marathon. Who knows, I meant even run into Belgian Waffle, who doesn’t seem to get sleep anymore.

While I’m out, I’m pretty sure this issue is going to get big: the videos that were taken of Guantanamo prisoner abuses. I think it’s a crime against humanity, what went on there, therefore I say let the videos get around… then let’s put these bums on trial.

Today’s Music: Fernando Lameirinhas – Alegria do Triste