Photos Speak

A visit to the World Press Photo exhibit today, as expected, was most excellent. I especially enjoyed the photos of people who had migrated to Amsterdam and the photos of their lives here. Somehow, my photo was not up there. Maybe next time. The other photos I took special notice of, besides the mind blowing photos of soldiers in Iraq, were those of the annual 50’s culture reunion in Hemsby, England. Complete with greasy hair, fancy roadsters, and other James Deanish details. Reminded me of certain friends back in NJ. I must remember to recommend it to them.

Still trying to track the prisoner abuse story in Iraq, the BBC reported this morning that those involving British soldiers were questionable because of inconsistancies involving their uniforms and equipment. I acknowledge that photos can be doctored, but I will certainly not dismiss this. Evidence seems to be mounting.

TPB, Esq. is fast becoming my most favorite writer/blogger. I was captivated by his entry exploring Asbury Park, NJ, and his memories of it as a child with his father. Now I really want to go there again when I’m in NJ this summer. (plan in the works) Lots of my memories of Asbury Park are in fact not from childhood, but from the One Cool Guy days where we would play awesome shows at the Stone Pony and also at that Skate Park in that old abandoned carousel place. I used to spend lots of time before our set staring at the massive grey skeleton of an unfinished hotel, or the infamous abandoned Fun House with that scarey smiling clown face.

Today’s Music: Benjamin Biolay- Negatif