Make this House a Home

When it rains it pours. In the past 78 hours I’ve been offered 3 apartments. Now I’m not talking luxury living, but functional apartments for acceptable prices. All through my wonderful friends. Well, yesterday I got the call… a friend in the Oud West saying “Why don’t you take my place”… since he’s migrating to Spain for 6 months to a year. This works well for me, love the neighborhood, like the place, need the option in half a year to perhaps move somewhere else. Sure, moving is tiring, but you do get accustomed to it, and I’m not sure I could commit longterm to an apartment at the age. “I’m just not ready.” “It’s not you it’s me.” “I want to see other apartments.”

On yesterday’s Democracy NowI heard the son of a homosexual couple expressing his joy that his moms were getting married. It was such a sweet moment… even through the radio I could hear how much he loves his parents and what a wonderful home life he has. How shameful that it has taken this long to allow gay marriage in Massachusetts or anywhere!

I’ve started to read legal blogs… meaning blogs written by lawyers, law students and law professors. I find them quite insightful; to have an inside look into the world according to those who work in law. Some blogs, like How Appealing, are extensive linkdumps for legal news from around the net. Others simply contain honest reflections about law and the daily work these professionals do, such as Notes from the (Legal) Underground. That particular post I linked to talks about how this lawyer actually gained a client thanks to the blog. For collective opinions by a group of fun and interesting law students, De Novo is where I go.

These type of blogs represent another aspect I love about this method of personal publishing, the chance to get information straight from those involved in certain activities. Direct testimony from doctors, journalists, students, wives, children, etc. THAT-is a great new possibility.

Today’s Music: Vinicious Cantuaria-Vinicious