Homeland Shopping Network

In a little over 24 hours, I shall be setting sail for the little town of Newark, NJ, where I was born in a manger. Oh wait. Well.. something like that. This visit is an especially important one considering my newly appointed uncleship, meeting with some new friends, and of course – the boys who have already started contacting me. I’m fairly sure that my tour will be playing in NYC, Philly, and DC. So keep your ears peeled.

Speaking of time spent somewhere… I was thinking about time and what we do with it. I tend to blog after midnight, every other day. Recently someone asked – why? Why not do it earlier? I don’t know. My brain wants to blog usually after midnight. I also keep a personal journal and have big ideas at this time of night. I’m not sure I have any ideas in the morning beyond – “TIME FOR CEREAL.” Maybe Jill’s blog will shed some light on this subject.

Hey the department of homeland security, you know — the ones with the tacky and useless color coded warning system, they released their numbers recently. $38 billion. $38 billion! What are the top three expenses:

-1. Miscellaneous alarm, security systems, $792,078,468

-2. Other administrative support services, $767,915,734

-3. Radio navigation equipment, $431,082,736

So, you can rest easy knowing the nation has a nice new alarm system, lots more administration, and some fancy radios.

(Meter courtesy of the Daily Gusto.)

Today’s Music: Rush – Roll the Bones