Him in Iraq

I’ve said it many times, and it continues to be true, the blog world is something really special. I recently decided that I needed to read some blogs written by soldiers in Iraq, cause we’re all heard how they’re all over the internet. So most of them didn’t capture my attention, and as you can imagine (if you know my politics) I had a hard time reading through them. But one in particular caught my attention, first and foremost for its title: A Line in the Sand.

As I read through this blog, while I didn’t agree with what the Sgt. had to say about the occupation of Iraq, I did find his honesty and open reflection compelling. So I read a few more posts, and eventually left a comment. Before I did that, I had to really think about it. This because most comments on this type of blog, as you can imagine, are just constant praise and support for soldiers and the “war” on terrorism. By posting on there, I risk bringing, perhaps unwanted attention to my own blog.(that’s if I fear ultra-conservative spam in my comments, which.. ok I do) But I guess I wanted to give it a go, so I commented in the calmest and respectful manner I could at that moment. Here comes my point: the soldier emailed me personally, thanking me, and continuing the discussion about music that he noticed we both listen to. (the quality Indyrock that many of you know and love) I was impressed… his email was respectful and curious, and I looked forward to responding.

It’s a funny thing how we disagree or how we communicate with one another despite differences. I’ve very interested in doing that, and I’m weary of people who just turn off opinions they don’t like. (though I admit some are just broken records, so why bother) But this was a really welcome thing, to talk to a soldier, despite my strong disapproval for wars and military related things in general. (except military surplus, I’m always shopping there!) In summary… I’ve made a new friend.. in Iraq.

Out with the old and in with the new it seems. The white house’s best Iraqi friend has become the new worst enemy. Looks like it’s pretty hard to be a politician on the governing council these days, what with all the assasinations, searches, and you can bet soon… arrests.

Today’s Music: Mos Def – Black on Both Sides