Economics of Saturday Afternoon

What was a lazy afternoon of running errands such as my regular Saturday weekly newspaper run and soup at Soup Enzo, led to an intriguing gathering of the minds at the CREA cafe. As I sat drinking my apple juice and chatting with my favorite cafe employee, three great minds (and friends of mine) walked in and invited me to join them for some socializing. Eventually I did join them at the table, diving head-first into a multi-layered discussion of global economics, society, multi-culturalism, and the internet. A chance to really flex those brain muscles, and listen to some brilliant minds. This was definitely one of those unexpected Saturday afternoon occurances that I cherish about this city. Nevermind the outcome of the discussion, we somehow failed to make a plan to save the world.

If there’s something in the world that gets my attention, it is elections in India. Campaigning ended Saturday night, and on Monday the second round of elections will take place. Whether it is a perfect system or not, there’s something awe-inspiring about millions of people mobilized to choose from among 2000+ candidates. Plus, this year the entire nation is using electronic voting machines. It’s really something worth watching, a unique situation in the world. The US and other western nations might want to take notes. (especially certain sunny states)

As I have been listening to Prince’s Musicology so often this past week, I found this Voice article on the artist and his music fairly interesting. I didn’t know Prince was a Johova’s witness. I am also not sure how to spell “Johova’s”, time to hit the spell check button for a change.

Today’s Music: The Veils – The Run Away Found